Educational ipython source code for applied thermodynamics.

Setup locally

You can interact with them directly and modify them by changing inputs or instructions and seeing how results change along. For that, you have to download each file and run them in a Jupyter notebook execution in your own device. The easiest way of installing Jupyter notebook, along with Python, numpy, sympy and matplotlib is through the Anaconda bundle (it’s free).

install anaconda from the official site

it provides releases for win / linux / mac

we prepared a step-by-step guide for setup on win here

there, we present the steps to start using those tools in a windows environment. However, note that all our material in this repository is open source and should be able to run with the free tools mentioned also in a free operating system.

Our beginner lectures cover the basics of the tools involved, Our beginners material include some orientation on Python and Jupyter notebook as you go. however,

There is plenty of learning material regarding these specific tools on the web. We recommend some, in case you want to learn more, independently.