Educational ipython source code for applied thermodynamics.

Getting Involved

To get involved in our collaborative effort, sign up on GitHub to be able to

We prepared a getting involved text with direction to setup github and git tools and submit stuff

To get involved, you can contribute with modifications. In order to do that, you will need to create an account for yourself in GitHub (also free). For minor propositions, you could modify any file in the browser and click “commit”. However, for submission of more complex modifications (a modification that affects simultaneously more than one file), you should better install Git tools. Git is a software for version control of code and text (free too). This way you can download our *.ipynb files, run and edit them in an execution of Jupyter notebook in your device, and after modifications are done, submit the modified files to our repository in GitHub using Git.

intall git from the official

it provides releases for win / linux / osx

we prepared a step-by-step guide for setup on win here

there, we present the steps to start using those tools in a windows environment. However, note that all our material in this repository is open source and should be able to run with the free tools mentioned also in a free operating system.

There is plenty of learning material regarding these specific tools on the web. We recommend some, in case you want to learn more, independently.